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Cole's Testimony

“My 20 year old son has been doing horseback riding lessons for several years at Hands, Ho

oves and Hope Ranch. He is nonverbal and has epilepsy as well as sensory and balance issues. Cole has blossomed at HHH Ranch!!!

He went from a boy who was too scared to get on a horse for the longest time to a young man who literally tries to jump on his horse some days! He has gained an abundance of self confidence!!! When he first started he was unsure in the saddle and needed volunteers to physically walk along beside him with a hand on his leg. He now can ride solo and has learned how to use the reins to turn and stop his horse.

Ms Christine is such an amazing instructor! She is very knowledgeable and in tune with Cole’s sensory needs and is quickly able to adjust in order to help him be successful. She knows when to push him a little bit more and also when he needs to stop.

Cole loves going to HHH Ranch to see Ms Christine, all the farm animals and of course his favorite horse Toast!”

~ Kristin

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