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Established 2015

Welcome to HHH Ranch!  On our expansive acres, you’ll find a sanctuary for healing people and animals alike.  Individuals on a physical, emotional, behavioral, or mental journey gain confidence and flourish through our therapeutic riding lessons, farmer classes, and camps.  Our nonverbal riders find their voice with the solace and understanding of our rescue horses and PATH-certified instructors, forming a unique bond and communication channel where everyone is heard.  For those who haven’t made the best choices in the past, a second chance is given.


HHH offers healing and hope for animals in need, too.  That’s why we use trained rescue horses to provide our services.  Going the extra mile to rescue animals found through concerned phone calls, auctions for slaughter, and left on our doorstep, we provide a serene space to rehabilitate.


Beyond the pasture, HHH reaches into our community, offering open ranch times, field trips, and private events which allow visitors to learn about our mission and discover firsthand the gentle impact of our horses.  And for the elderly who can’t travel, we bring potty-trained pony visits to you.


Please join us at HHH Ranch to experience healing and hope!

Entry sign for HHH Ranch




HHH creates a sanctuary for people and animals alike to heal and flourish, whether they are on an emotional, behavioral, physical, or mental journey.

HHH sees a community without barriers where everyone is welcomed, accepted, and celebrated.

HHH Ranch Board of Directors

Founder & Board President Christine Doran
Christine Doran
Founder & Board President

At the heart of the HHH Ranch is Christine, a passionate advocate for people and animals. She established the ranch to make sure that everyone, regardless of ability, can experience the joys of horse riding and animal therapy.

Christine personally trains the horses and works towards making the ranch a free service for everyone. Her ultimate goal is to break down social barriers between people with and without disabilities.



At HHH Ranch, our family of community members always have inspiring stories to share. We invite you to explore and find inspiration from their journeys!

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