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Get Ready to Saddle Up!

4 Week Session

2yrs+ (We teach adults too!)


Welcome to our therapeutic riding program! Our private lessons are 30 minutes long and offered in 4-week sessions. We also welcome family members without disabilities to join us for recreational lessons.

At our ranch, we see horses as more than just a way to learn to ride. We use them as powerful tools to teach communication skills, emotional expression, and healing from past traumas. If a student is struggling to understand something, we take responsibility as teachers to find alternative approaches that work best for each individual.

Our mission is to encourage growth in every participant, helping them become more compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and loving not only towards others but themselves as well. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and healing with the help of our gentle four-legged friends.

**Our Instructors are PATH Certified**

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