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Volunteers Are Needed!

Volunteers are the heart of HHH Ranch. Our program would not be possible without their dedication, loyalty, and hard work. 


In order to volunteer at the ranch, please follow these instructions:  

  1. Make sure a volunteer application has been filled out on our website WHETHER YOU'VE VOLUNTEERED BEFORE OR NOT

  2. Make sure a waiver has been filled out (a new one every year) on our website 

  3. If you are registering for court or school ordered community service, please email prior to filling out the forms. 

A liability release must be signed and volunteer application filled out.

  • In order to volunteer without a parent they must 15 years or older

  • In order to volunteer with lessons with no prior horse experience (minimum of 2 years is considered experienced) They need to attend the orientation and then speak with instructor to see if they have to train on Saturdays or if she feels they can learn fast enough on week days with less help

  • In order to catch horses, must follow same guidelines as lesson helpers, in addition to being 16+

  • Ages 4 and up with a parent


Please fill out the Liability Release form and email our Volunteer Coordinator using the links below.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator.



HHH Ranch

14101 W. Bruns Rd.

Manhattan, IL 60442

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