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Mia's Story

“So I will share that my daughter, Mia, does not have any sort of special needs, but I can share what a great experience we have had during our time there!

Mia counts down the days until she takes her lessons; she tells everyone that she comes into contact with about her riding lessons and is just so proud of herself and the progress she has made! She went from being led around the arena to leading the horse on her own and came home thrilled this past Tuesday that she is going to start learning how to trot next week!

Everyone at the ranch is always incredibly welcoming, and the vibe is so calm and pleasant there! I personally work as a pediatric Occupational Therapist for my job and can share that there is such incredible research (that I am sure you are all very well aware of!) about the affects of being in nature, being around animals, unstructured exploration time, and that's all even before you get to the impact of the actual therapeutic riding.

The horses at the farm are all so gentle and calm and I have never been nervous about my 6 year old being on such a large animal. Not that it is the most important factor at all--but when I was looking for horse back riding lessons for my daughter, I can also share that HHH was cheaper than any of the other sites that I looked at for lessons--some of the locations were significantly more expensive. Thank you for everything that you are doing! Mia is so very happy coming there!”


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