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Sponsor TOAST

Toast came to us from auction for slaughter in April of 2018.


Toast arrived at our ranch completely emaciated - almost 400 lbs underweight - with a viral infection, cuts all over his body, his teeth had never been floated, and his feet were so overgrown they resembled dinner plates. To make things worse, he had been beaten so badly that he had lost his flight response, and instead, tried to fight anyone who came near. Founder and lead trainer, Ms. Christine, was pregnant at the time and had to refrain from working with him due to his aggressive behavior.

Despite the challenges, the ranch dedicated its efforts to heal Toast's physical wounds. He was quarantined and isolated from other horses due to his constant cough and discharge caused by the infection. He also had a lump on his head - a common injury among horses when they're hit with 2x4's by riders. Everyone was afraid of him - except a small, non-verbal child. Who shook his stall door when passing.

Danny, one of our riders, noticed the special bond that was forming between Toast and the child. He believed Toast needed to experience love, and over time began visiting the ranch weekly to ride our horses while making time to say hello to Toast, who would lean over his stall and kiss his nose. It was a truly touching and remarkable experience, one that made everyone emotional.

After Ms. Christine had her baby, she started working with Toast and discovered that he had somehow transformed into a gentle, healing soul who understands people in ways that words just cannot. Toast is now one of our main horses in the ranch, working with our most traumatized students. From being the horse that everyone was always afraid of, he is now a symbol for gentle healing and comfort.


Can't commit to a monthly sponsor? Buy Toast a bag of feed! This donation will help a lot to cover the cost of care for Bumble. Each year it costs us at least $5,000 per horse. 

"Some horses will test you, some will teach you, and some will bring out the best in you"


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